Suvidya Foundation is continually looking for and evaluating new technologies for improving the quality of education in rural government schools. Suvidya is currently using the Textbook-on-tablet solution. Suvidya's team comprising of volunteers and staff is preparing the required enriched curricular content to take advantage of this technology.

Suvidya has established a group of model schools where this technology is deployed and the progress is tracked.

Our sponsors are

  1. CSR India Pvt. Ltd.,
  2. EqualSky
  3. Mindtree Foundation
  4. Motivation For Excellence
  5. Vyshnavi Foundation
  6. Individual donors

You may choose to sponsor a few schools or sponsor content development that can benefit all the children who are using this solution.

Suvidya also provides this technology to other NGOs free of cost along with the required training to increase their own impact in the field. You can sponsor your preferred NGO directly to use this technology in government schools.